NaPro Technology

Want to know more about NaPro?

NaProTechnology (also called NaPro) is an abbreviation of the term “Natural Procreative Technology”. It is a new reproductive science that works cooperatively with the natural fertility cycle. It has been developed as a series of medical applications based on a standardized assessment of the biomarkers of the fertility [menstrual] cycle, known as the Creighton Model Fertility Care System. It can be used to evaluate and treat infertility, miscarriage, irregular bleeding, and many other women's health conditions.

The fundamental principle is to care for women’s health whilst keeping with a natural approach to fertility and gynaecology. NaProTECHNOLOGY™ or ‘Natural Procreative Technology’ helps women and couples to conceive naturally using advanced medical and diagnostic approaches. It is a viable alternative to IVF.

NaPro began with the study of the woman’s menstrual or fertility cycle. The Billing’s Ovulation Method had been developed to monitor the changes in cervical mucus which can indicate ovulation and the most fertile time in a woman’s cycle. NaPro has taken this method and completely standardised it. In addition, years of research have followed so now charting the fertility cycle with the Creighton Model FertilityCare system (CrMS) can be used as a powerful diagnostic tool. The FertilityCare team includes physicians, nurses and teachers that will help you to understand the fertility markers of your cycle.

NaPro is also a system of unique medical and holistic protocols which represent a progressive approach to fertility medicine, at the cutting edge of science. Here at NaProDoctor, we have harnessed years of research to provide individually tailored treatment protocols to optimise your fertility and achieve a healthy natural conception and birth. 


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