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When you are trying to conceive naturally, it is extremely helpful to understand the female fertility cycle to maximise your chances. At NaProDoctor we make use of the Creighton Model System or CrMS to chart the natural biomarkers of the cycle. Using this valuable information, you can learn to recognise your most fertile days.  

In addition, charting with the CrMS system is a very powerful diagnostic tool which can yield important, otherwise unrecognised information. Frequently, it is with charting of the cycle that abnormalities such as excessive brown bleeding with the menstrual period, limited mucus cycle or abnormal bleeding during the cycle, are identified and can be assessed. It may be very helpful (although not essential) for you to begin charting prior to your initial consultation at NaProDoctor as this is a key tool in our fertility investigations.

A FertilityCare practitioner can help you to begin charting your fertility cycle with the CrMS:

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