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Miscarriage occurs in up to 20% of recognised pregnancies. This figure may be higher if very early losses are included. Over 85% of these pregnancy losses occur within the first trimester. The most common cause of early miscarriage is incorrect chromosome numbers in the egg.  Frequently, this is a random occurrence, and many couples go on to conceive naturally and have healthy pregnancies after one miscarriage. If you have had two or more miscarriages, the chances increase that there is an underlying cause for recurrent pregnancy loss. Without identifying and treating this cause, the risk can be high for further losses. Even if you have had just one miscarriage, you may wish to outrule any underlying issues which might be a problem in the future.  

There are numerous possible causes for recurrent pregnancy loss. Sometimes, there may be more than one cause involved. At NaProDoctor extensive testing is carried out in the situation of recurrent miscarriage so that the root cause is correctly identified. A good place to start is with the CrMS chart to determine the basic biomarkers of the cycle. Further investigations are then undertaken as suggested by the clinical picture. Using this approach, and individually tailored treatments, NaPro has demonstrated particular success in preventing further losses, with up to 80% of cases subsequently enjoying a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

The ideal time to start preparing is before pregnancy to ensure that conception occurs during a good cycle and that treatment decisions are already in place when conception occurs.