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Treatment Options

NaProDoctor often sees couples that have had previous assisted reproduction procedures. NaPro can be a viable alternative to IVF, even where there have been failed procedures in the past.



Medical treaments with NaPro are based on years of extensive research and international collaborations. These include treatments for ovulatory dysfunction, hormonal therapy and immune therapy amongst many others. NaPro aims to optimise the conditions for a healthy conception whilst still allowing the conception to take place within the body in the most natural way. NaPro medical treatments are highly successful and represent a very progressive approach to treating infertility. They make use of the information provided by the CrMS Fertilitycare chart, as well as other investigations as indicated.


Surgery may be necessary in certain cases. In endometriosis for example, surgical removal with NaPro can be extremely effective. In a NaPro practice where endometriosis is comprehensively surgically excised (cut out) the recurrence rate may be less than 7 percent.